"Sarthe Endurance Photos" Contest

You are passionate about motorsports, you are fond of 24 Hours of Le Mans and worldwide racing contests ? 
Council of Sarthe, historical actor of Endurance an motorsports, displays for ten years now those who immortalize, the colours, the noise and the fury of Le Mans 24 Hours.

Since 10 years, you're Thousands send your best Pictures !

This contest organized by Council of Sarthe in partnership with A.C.O, AUTOhebdo, UJSF, and Le Maine Libre is dedicated to you…

From the paddocks to the scrutineering, from the pilots parade to the most weird spots of the race, your pictures are the witness of a shivering and exciting world where every year, fans would not miss for the world sake the arrival of cars and drivers beside Tertre Rouge at early morning, the straight line madness on Saturday departure or the survivors final laps on Sunday. 

Council of Sarthe: why ?

As a founding member of the Syndicat Mixte du Circuit des 24 Heures and as the owner of the infrastructures, the Council of Sarthe was the source of recent years modernizations of the race.

It also guarantees the heritage and history of the race in the world as it was part of the creation of the 24 Hours Museum 50 years ago.

All the events displayed on the legendary circuit are obviously supported by the Council of Sarthe: 24 Hours bikes, Grand Prix de France, Le Mans Classic…