U.J.S.F. : 53 years for the defense of Sports Press

The French Sports journalists union (UJSF) gathers around 2 000 professional journalists in France with three main goals : ease the working conditions of journalists (press stands and accreditations management), fight against any information liberty obstruction, respect the Ethics rules.
U.J.S.F. also organizes or sponsors journalistics events such as this photo contest : best article of the year award, best sports photography, best sports radio or TV topics and also competitions such as Golf Journalists National UJSF or France Journalists Pétanque championship. /

A.C.O. (Automobile Club de l’Ouest)

ACO is an organization which was created in 1906 by motorsports fans. ACO created les 24 Heures du Mans and has been organizing the contest since 1923.
 ACO deals with :
- juridical defense, road users help and formation for reasonable drivers.
- a club and services for the 100 000 adherents
- a daily commitment for the development of infrastructures and road users for over a century in France
- a driving school since 1968.
- the international contest made 24 Heures du Mans the most popular contest in the world with over 250 000 spectators on the legendary circuit de 13,629 km.

What is WEC ?

Le Mans 24 Hours is since 2012 the most beautiful race in FIA wolrd endurance championship, a championship which paces all year long the life of legendary circuits all over the world in exciting races.

The contest aims at showing the enthusiasm of thousands of fans all over the world on legendary spots (le Mans, Spa-Francorchamps, Silverstone, …)and on places where history has to be invented (Middle East, China).

Races where anything can happens : prototypes and GT on the starting grid driven by professional or gentlemen drivers. /


80 pages of news and mag every Wednesday.
Since 1976, AUTOhebdo displays national and international sports news and focuses on cars with character and distinction in its weekly columns. Formula 1, Rally, Endurance, Tourism, Rally Raid ...
Each discipline is processed with expertise, analysis, explanations, reports, portraits, interviews illustrated by the best photographers in motorsports.


Le Maine Libre

Le Maine Libre is the first daily newspaper in Sarthe. As the media of local life, Le Maine Libre proposes everyday economic, social and sports news to its readers.Le Maine Libre is also available on with rich contents, pictures and videos.
Le Maine Libre is the obvious partner for the contest Sarthe Endurance Photos.